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Caveman Design, Inc was established in 1996 as a full service Company offering Product Development and Mechanical Design consulting. Our Mission is to develop simple, cost effective solutions for design problems and opportunities.

Our major areas of expertise include, but are not limited to:

· Product and Fixture Design for Clean Room (class 100 to 100,000) environments
· Fixture Design for High Vacuum Vapor Deposition Coating Processes
· EMI/RFI Cabinetry design requirements including Tempest computer systems
· Xray energy related design requirements for mechanical and electronic components
· UL, CSA, FDA, GMP, ISO9000 and OSHA requirements for medical products
· MRP requirements and BOM structuring
· Design for Assembly, Reliability and Cost
· CAD/CAM/CAE/PDM – in depth understanding of when to use each of these technologies and their limitations
· ESD handling practices as applied to fragile products such as TFT displays
· High precision robotics and dispensing
· Ultra precision TFT glass processing methods, including scribe cutting and edge
· Thermal analysis testing methods
· Rapid Prototyping methods including SLS, Stereolithography & Rapidcast
· Fabrication methods – high volume (stamping, die casting, powder metal, injection molding) and low volume (rim molding, Casting - investment, sand, permanent mold and V process, high and low speed machining and sheet metal)
· Manufacturing process troubleshooting and optimization
· Cost Reduction Design analysis as related to component fabrication methods
· Far East sourcing of components and entire products.
· Wire harness manufacturing methods and equipment
· Machine shop operation and maintenance
· Web Site Design

Our staff has extensive industrial experience (Average > 25 years) at large and small corporations including Cummins Engine, E. I. Dupont , Direct Radiography , General Electric, Goodyear, Hyster Forklift, Remington Arms and others. Our primary CAD system experience is with Solidworks, with some exposure to Unigraphics, and Autocad.

Caveman Design, Inc has an extensive network of suppliers and consultants available to assist in prototype fabrication and pilot production runs. For more information or to discuss a potential project, please contact Tom Long @ 302-234-9969, toll free @ 888-876-CAVE or by email (