Caveman Design's new modular rail system consists of extruded aluminum rails with stainless steel rail locks that are retained by ¼" setscrews. Figure 1 shows the top view of the intersection of two rails. The rails are precision machined to maintain scale accuracies within 1/16" over multiple lengths.

Alignment is simple. With the rails placed upside down, , tighten the first two setscrews in the position shown in figure 2. The extrusion and rail locks are designed to "self-center" during setscrew installation. The matching bevels on the rail and rail lock locate the system as shown in figure 3 . The rails are also keyed to insure proper alignment.

Slide the second rail into position and tighten other two setscrews as shown in figure 4. This is relatively simple - all it requires is a smooth flat surface to rest the rails on and some amount care when tightening the setscrews to insure proper alignment.

The system will be offered in several versions from 12 to 72 inches in various combinations of 12" and 24" sections. Figure 5 is a 372 Modular Rail system consisting of a starter 24" section and 2 - 24"extender sections. Figure 6 is a 472 Modular Rail System consisting of a starter 12" section, a 12" extension and 2 - 24" sections.

Custom sizes are available. Please contact us with your specific application.



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